West-Siberische Laika

FCI Group 5: Spitzen & Oertypen - Oorsprong: Rusland


He is primarily a hunting dog, so ever one who decides on a puppy of this breed should expect a full package of traits of a typical hunting Spitz. This means that if he has an opportunity to hunt he will chase game and can disapear for some hours, also from the place where you live. He will not just stay 50 meters from you or the house like a guardian dog will do, so dangerous with busy roads in the neighbourhood.

The West Siberian Laika likes and needs freedom for physical activities like hunting, hiking, running, mantrailing, bloodtracking, scent detection and not only obedience or agility training, because he will get quickly bored.

If a West Siberian Laika is used for hunting, it is a great potential to have a happy dog, but his happiness is never complete if he is not a member of the family. He is a poor kennel dog: If the dog is left alone, locked up in a small backyard or kennel they develop a habit of barking, digging holes, destroying things, climbing over the fence etc.

He is a good companion dog for on a hiking trip. However, its extraordinary interest in wildlife demands special attention, because the dog may tree some animals or go for a hunt so stay away from you for some time, so you better keep him on the leash


It is important if you want to buy a laika that it should not only be based upon his beautiful natural look, but also be aware of his hunting instinct and you have to find a way to release his energy in physical activities.



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